by Rev. Willie Pitts

Reference: Matthew 16:24 and 19:27

“What’s In It For Me?” This is a common question most people ask when they are asked to get involved in something serious or seemingly difficult. Now the Lord Jesus’s Apostles asked Him this serious question. The nature of their ministry had caused them to spend a lot time from their families, and also prevented them from properly overseeing their businesses and having steady employment.

This condition has not changed. Although the Lord Jesus does admonish those who commit to following Him to seriously consider the cost. It’s a blessing and privilege to be chosen as the Lord Jesus’ lifelong bond servant, however admittedly it is very taxing in many ways. Yet, since all things are for His glory we should gladly respond by offering ourselves for His good purpose.

Be reminded God doesn’t need us, we need Him 24/7 365 days a year. “In Him we live and move and have our being”. God has chosen frail human believers to be His earthly caretakers of the souls of humanity. When a soul is saved the heavenly host rejoice.

We the people of the Lord God are living in a sinful dangerous society. Satan and His host of fallen Angels influence His people to constantly make being a Christian difficult. Our society doesn’t want anyone to think about Jesus, and people get very angry and bent out of sort, when His name is mentioned. Nevertheless, the time is coming and perhaps very near when every human being will bow and loudly confess He is the Lord Jesus. Albeit my question still is “what’s in it for me?”

Be of good cheers, nothing can stop the Lord God’s program and rewards for His Church. Point of reference, many individuals who have opposed and have deeply persecuted the church, have been converted or died unsaved. At any rate, the church is still alive and still marches onward.

Besides, bad situations are building blocks to be deeply committed in carrying out your God given assignment. In effect, committed believers bare the invisible cross. In Matthew 19:21-23, Jesus told the rich young man who thought he had it going on, and was not glorifying God. Sadly he left grief stricken. Jesus busted his ego bubble by telling him to sell all he had and follow him. The truth is the wealth of this world will never match nor equal the value of what the Lord Jesus will give to all who love and devoted their lives to Him.

In the ancient Jewish culture the erroneous teaching was the God bestowed wealth on those whom He loved. It was popular to believe that wealthy people had an automatic passport into the kingdom. So Peter says to Jesus, “We have left everything, family, and our businesses to follow you. So Lord, what’s in it for us?” This question still creeps into the minds and hearts of most believers.

Answer: God timely provides all we need. He comforts and sustains us through all troubling circumstances. When we repent and confess our sins, He quickly forgives us. It would take volumes of gigantic books to record on all that God does for His believers.

So in summary, wrap your mind around these awesome promises. When your life as a committed bond servant is completed, you will hear our Master and Savior say “Well done good and faithful servant! You have been faithful with a few things; I will put you in charge of many. Come and share your Master’s happiness.” Above all, we will live forever with the Lord Jesus in unspeakable happiness! All because nearly 2000 years ago Jesus was crucified and resurrection to redeem sin sick souls from eternal damnation. That is what’s in it for every believer.