by Rev. Willie Pitts

Reference: 1st Kings 18:17-21 & 37-39

It’s a sad commentary, but throughout America there are numerous Christians Yet our beloved nation is saturated with unchurched and countless unbelievers, as a result America like ancient Israel is rapidly becoming a pagan nation. In general our nation strongly reject God our creator precepts and principals for living (ref. Romans chapter I). People desperately need to see and hear about believers speaking out and taking a stand for God. Our heartfelt desire ought to be like the Prophet Isaiah, when God asked the question whom shall I send? Isaiah excitedly respond here am I send me. So Christian brothers and sisters, if we don’t speak and take a stand for God; then who will? In the past God raised up Prophets, Apostles, and other spiritually strong people, who took a firm stand and spoke loudly for Him, even in spite of death for their Christian’s action. In general today’s believers are spiritually weak kneed and mute toward speaking against sin, many fear being label as political incorrect. My desire is to always be Biblical correct. Albeit the prevailing attitude is don’t rock the boat, so we go alone to get alone. Our elected politicians have pass many wicked laws that are outright harmful to the nation’s well-being, if the fore fathers could speak from the grave, they would loudly hollow shame-shame! “The Lord Jesus said those who are not for me are against me”. If we don’t stand and speak for God then who will? Our nation boldly call good evil and evil good, wicked people and sadly even some so called believes ridicule God’s absolute truths. All a believe do and say should influence mankind to come out of spiritual darkness to the Lord Jesus. In the text, wicked king Ahab blamed God’s man Elijah for the nation’s troubles, however God’s Saints are a blessing to both individuals and nations. The Holy Spirit who resides in every believer is holding back the full force of Satanic evil (ref.2Thessalonians 2:1-12). Never the less throughout the ages in every society God’s messengers and His truths had been unpopular. Elijah boldly challenged Ahab to send his false prophets to Mt. Carmel for a religious contest, Ahab agreed. In today’s world we challenge sin by proclaiming the Gospel. Ahab sent 450 false prophets and all the people gather at Mt Carmel. Be remind no number of people nor weaponry can contain or stop God from being God. Notice a multitude of ungodly people were present, they always show up and show out in support of their sinful agenda. Vs, 21 At this point Israel was at a crossroad in the realm of religion. Elijah stated that they had to choose whether they would worship God or the false god Baal (a lifeless handmade god) Like our nation, their hearts were divided in regards to absolutely belief in God. Mankind’s opinions are not truth, in regards to God’s truths Now visibly Elijah was alone undoubtedly all his fellow Jews who at one time worship with him, shouting praises to the Lord. Were now being political correct (mute) and not standing and speaking for God with him. However more importantly God was with him, the servants of God are never alone. Following the silence of the people Elijah proceeded with his God given plan. At the closing moments of this religious contest Elijah prayed to God. All power God answer came through a consuming fire. This reminds us to under-gird all our undertaking with fervent prayer. God’s answer led the people to a prayer of confession acknowledging God as the only God. Notice closely what happen when God’s man took a stand and spoke for Him, God open the bottle of heaven and poured out blessings upon His nation. We are merely clay vessels, but extremely important to God, therefore through the power of God we can hinder the damning evil tide that is rapidly moving throughout America. If we don’t stand and speak for the Lord God, He has angels ready to fly through the sky to preach the saving Gospel (ref Revelation 14:6).



Christ Jesus gave His life to save hell bound mankind. Surly we can boldly take a stand and speak for him in this wicked society.